Elegance Yachts

A Elegance Yachts é reconhecida no mundo náutico pelo seu compromisso com o luxo, o design sofisticado e a inovação tecnológica. Cada iate é meticulosamente projetado para oferecer uma experiência náutica sem paralelo, conjugando espaços interiores luxuosos com um desempenho excecional. Perfeitos para quem procura uma navegação elegante e confortável, os iates Elegance são verdadeiros palácios flutuantes, concebidos para cumprir os mais elevados padrões de qualidade e exclusividade. Escolher um Elegance Yacht é optar por uma vida marítima plena de estilo, conforto e elegância.

Elegance Yachts

Who we are

ELEGANCE YACHTS was born in the early months of 2021 in the province of Lecce, southern Italy, from the initiative of young entrepreneurs and a team of designers from Salento specialised in the design of interiors and exteriors for boats and luxury yachts. Why ELEGANCE and why as a coat of arms the MEDUSA. The name was simply born from the desire to give elegance and sobriety to its boats, which never want to be presumptuous, but certainly with personality and at the same time performing. The external lines want to be a marriage between the tradition and innovation of nautical design and modern automotive design in pure Made in Italy style.

The jellyfish as a coat of arms, in Greek mythology the daughter of sea gods, capable of attracting with its beauty and petrifying anyone who looked at it. ELEGANCE's main aim is to design and produce prestigious boats that are elegant, comfortable, high quality and that have personality, entirely Made in Italy. The market sector in which the company wants to position itself is the one of luxury tenders and walk-arounds and for this purpose this year was born the first model, a 46-foot 14,20m, the E 44 V.

ELEGANCE, also thanks to the entire team of collaborators, has managed to design an innovative and intelligent boat, rich in details, with attention to renewable energies and with sinuous and elegant lines. We already have an active network of dealers and brokers in the Mediterranean area, particularly in Spain and Portugal, countries that have shown particular interest in luxury tenders and walk-arounds, but we are also working through our collaborators to be present in the French, Greek, German, and other markets. The presentation of the scale model will be visible in world preview from 28 April to 1 May 2022 at PALMA BOAT SHOW.