Fly 21 Gullwing

Sessa Fly 21 Gullwing

The new flagship of  Sessa Marine , will be launched next summer.  A boat with a strong personality and a unique style which will change the Yacht segment of 21 meters.One of the main characteristic  of the project are certainaly the two side gullwing openings that not only allow comfortable side walkway but leave a natural light entry,  giving brightness and especially air to the entire vessel. The concept, definitely inspired from the automotive sector, further strengthens the modern, technological design and aggressive temperament of the new Fly 21 Gullwing.

SINCE 1958…
Founded in 1958, Sessa Marine is a true family company, that has always looked at the marketplace in an innovative and successful way. This clear vision of its own future, has made it one of the most prestigious and desired names in the leisure boats market.Today Sessa Marine is looking even further away, wanting to confront itself with all the major shipyards in the yachting world, and by serving a distinguished and demanding public, with which it shares a great love for the sea.

The company policy has always been very keen on staff training, and at studying and implementing new and more rational producing methods, in order to be more and more competitive. The plant in Cividate al Piano (BG) is a real reference point for all the industry. Choosing to remain in Italy is a conscious and strategic choice. Only in this way we can guarantee an almost handmade care for every single detail, and only in this way each boat deserves its “Made in Italy” seal, reserved only for highly sophisticated and deluxe products.

SESSA MARINE produces and distributes yachts in fiberglass with outboard, inboard, in line with axes and IPS motors. The range includes motorboats, cabin cruisers and yachts, 25 different models starting from the smallest 18 feet of the “KEY LARGO” range up to SESSA’S admiral, the C 68, a splendid 21 meters yacht.




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